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Patient Education

While medical news and information changes continuously, A5A7 is dedicated to sharing with you some general tips and updates on local community healthcare topics that you may find helpful.

Please contact our doctors or staff for specific questions about your case. Your health is our concern.

A message from Dr. Armbrust:

COVID 19 Update 3/11/2020:

I would avoid any unnecessary travel or clustering over the next week and would reassess weekly.  Any fever (>100.4), shortness of breath and cough should lead to a call to your physician.  Children and younger adults appear to have milder symptoms.  So far, it appears the virus is not transmitted to the unborn.  Incubation time is still up to 14 days.  You may come down with it unknowingly and transmit to an elderly person or someone with comorbid illnesses that places them at a higher risk.

Please follow the CDC website listed below on a daily basis as updates should be coming more frequently.  Hopefully by April this will be in our rear view mirror.

Always here when you need me,


The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Recommended Resources

Following are Government and medical center resources that are trusted by the general medical community:

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